Thank you for visiting the Economic Innovation Institute for Africa (EIIA). 

EIIA is a non-profit economic development and innovation outfit established in 2015 to help strengthen development ties and deepen scientific exchanges between Africa and other regions of the world.

From climate change and geopolitical fractures to the digital divide and the debt crisis, many contemporary economic policy challenges cannot be solved through traditional, linear channels. Given how decades-long structural and institutional barriers have undermined Africa’s development prospects, nowhere is economic innovation more compelling than on the continent. 

EIIA was established with an overarching objective – to bring a multi-stakeholder approach to economic policy innovation by harnessing the perspectives of key actors across academia, industry, government, and civil society.

In partnership with key stakeholders, we are pioneering novel solutions. We look forward to building a robust economic innovation ecosystem and forging new alliances in the years ahead.

Together, we can make a difference. We hope you will join us.

Prof. Fred Olayele

Founder & President