Unpacking Federalism and Policy Innovation in Canada, Ethiopia, Nigeria and the United States.

Webinar Details

What is the common denominator in the political economy of fiscal federalism in the United States, Ethiopia, Canada, and Nigeria? Canada and the United States share many commonalities in their intergovernmental fiscal regimes, but there are also significant differences. Why are the political economy challenges of Ethiopia and Nigeria similar, yet different, on many fronts? To the extent that the federal constitutions in both countries are derivatives of their multi-cultural, multi-ethnic, multi-religious, and multi-linguistic configurations, what is the “optimal dose” of federalism that can help harness incremental innovations in their federal systems based on regional ethnic autonomy? Can policy innovation move the needle in both countries? Finding a definitive answer to the question of whether fiscal redistribution is harmful or beneficial for regional economic performance is not straightforward. This webinar will unpack this. Date and further details will be provided soon.