Whether through competitive markets or public sector operations, society wants the supply of public services to be flexible, innovative and efficient. The ongoing digital transformation has laid bare the need to mobilize public-private partnerships to trigger a paradigmatic shift in policy innovation, and no other region in the world needs this more than Africa.

EIIA’s research is dedicated to fostering public-private dialogue on Africa-centric issues, with a particular focus on innovation and the new economy.

The Institute’s research programs are organized around four themes:

  • Inclusive Development
  • Trade Policy & FDI
  • Climate Action & Sustainability
  • Technology & Innovation

Inclusive Development

The gender and youth imperative of fostering equitable economic development practices in Africa.

Trade Policy & FDI

Accelerating the transition of MSMEs from the underground economy to the formal sector.

Climate Action & Sustainability

The how and the why of tracking climate risk and the energy transition.

Technology & Innovation

Digital innovation ecosystems and Africa’s burgeoning population and urbanization.

To find out more about EIIA’s ongoing research initiatives, including potential collaboration opportunities, kindly reach out to us by email: