About EIIA

Many of the policy challenges across the globe cannot be solved through traditional, linear channels. Whether through competitive markets or public sector operations, society wants the supply of public services to be flexible, innovative and efficient. The ongoing digital transformation has laid bare the need to mobilize public-private partnerships to trigger a paradigmatic shift in policy innovation. No other region in the world needs this more than Africa. The Economic Innovation Institute for Africa (EIIA) was established for this purpose.

A non-profit public policy research and innovation outfit, EIIA is dedicated to fostering public-private dialogue on Africa-centric issues. Founded in 2015 as the Global Economic Institute for Africa, before undergoing a corporate restructuring that led to its current name, EIIA has evolved over the years.


Through cutting-edge research and analysis, EIIA guides innovative policy formulation. From time to time, the Institute convenes stakeholders from government, industry, academia and the civic sector to debate public policy issues and foster solutions in a collaborative environment.

EIIA engages an interdisciplinary array of senior policy, business and civic leaders as it harnesses best practices from around the world to help cultivate a deeper understanding of Africa’s position in the changing global economic order, with a particular focus on innovation and the new economy.


EIIA’s research programs and policy initiatives are organized around four themes:

  • Trade Policy & FDI
  • Inclusive Development
  • Technology & Innovation
  • Climate Action & Sustainability